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Why Dangdi

World's #1 Growth Market

Most International brands already have presence in China. But many small business owners with a passion for developing uncommon and rare goods do not: organic ingredients, inventive materials, handcrafted creations, erratic design, sustainable production etc. We assist European Boutique brands, selling their products to the World’s most important consumers.

Our workflow is not standard, and neither are we. We can operate significantly cheaper and more effective than most others.

How We Do It

Multichannel Strategy

As digital China is divided into several separated ecosystems such as Alibaba, Tencent, Bytedance and others, our strategy is multichannel. We will sell your products across all relevant eCommerce channels and market them throughout every appropriate social media platform in China.

Exclusively we can target Chinese tourists in one hybrid solution by promoting local lifestyle experiences from grassroots and experts.

Our workflow is not standard, and neither are we. We can operate significantly cheaper and more effective than most others.

Chinese Tourists

Chinese Tourists

Sell to Chinese tourists

Reinventing Travel

Whether you are a retailer and operate a physical store in a European city or you sell your products  through distributors or only online, we can market and sell your products to Chinese tourists. Chinese tourists will constitute a quarter of all tourists in the world by 2030 and their spending power is 3-4 times higher than an average tourist.   

We target Chinese tourists both before, while and after traveling. In our platform, Chinese tourists can go traveling without traveling (virtual tourism). It is especially Chinese Free Independent Travelers (FITs) that we pursue. Chinese FITs are younger, richer, and better educated. They want to buy local niche products and cultural experiences.

The Process

How It Works


Set up your store on Dangdi

Onboard your product descriptions, images, and preferable videos. We can translate all info to Chinese. We like to know the background behind your brand, the passion and history of the founders, as Chinese consumers most often do not know anything about you.

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Start selling your products

You can choose to sell your products to both Chinese consumers in China and Chinese tourists in Europe. You can also select which logistic setup you want. It comes down to making it as convenient for the Chinese shopper as possible. We can facilitate delivery in airports or to hotels and we can ship your products to China either in batches or by single orders.

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